Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Everyone from Los Angeles should send me a dollar

Albert Einstein and I think that you're getting fat.

He worries that the pressure per square centimeter
continues to tax your circulation system from the
extra force required to pump blood to the farthest
range of your swelling body.

Albert is totally into metrics. He's always talking
about square meters and such. It really makes no
sense to me but when I complain he asks, "Who's the
genius, you or me?"

I worry that you'll get ugly.

We both have valid points but mine makes more sense in
the broader context of society.

But enough about you.

As for me I have a summer cold that the doctors are
calling, "The aids-cold of the century."

I hope I don't die from it.

I wonder what happens if you drink diet coke and then
eat mentos. Do you explode like those birds what eat
the alka seltzers?

You should try it and let me know.


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