Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NBA fun fiction

They got Basedow, thought Larry Bird to himself as he lay hunkered down in a foxhole.  The god damned krauts got John Basedow.

Not even my patented sky-hook grenade lob could save him.

The pencil necks back at the lab will be able to clone him, sure, that's not the point.  You're never the same after your first clone.  It's like there's always something missing, you're never quite the same.  Thinner, less real.  But it's important we stay in the game.

Going back into time to kill Hitler seemed like a good idea at the time.  LOL.  At the time.  All this time phase shifting is getting me buggy.  As much as I'm from Indiana and Indiana doesn't like Jews, I have to say we hate to see them suffer.  Even if they did kill Christ.

And Basedow was good.  Damn good.

Not technically an athlete but those abs of his.  Those, flat, beautiful abs... They really impressed the brass.  If he just would have listened to orders and not gone running off to save that village he'd still be alive!

Always the hero, that one.

Now I'm down to one ration kit and 100 miles behind lines.  Gotta get some dna back to the lab so we can get John put back together.

I hope my NBA training will get me through the next 48 hours.  

Michael Jordan better not give me any lip when I get back or we may just come to blows.

I sure do miss Kevin Mchale.