Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vicente vicente a cup of meat a pound of shame

I wonder where all of the Mexicans used to work so many years ago, like back when the Romans were ruling the world.

I bet they mostly worked in the Vomitoriums.  And the meat packing facilities.

And I'll bet all the crazy right wingers went around saying that the Mexicans were taking all of their good jobs and all the crazy left wingers were always saying, who's going to clean your Vomitoriums?  Do you want to clean the Vomitoriums and pack all the meat?

And the crazy right winger would say, I would do it and I'd do it proud and then he'd show the flags on his truck and the crazy left winger would then volunteer at an aids thing and then take the longest shower when he got home to clean his aids skin from shaking hands and such.

And then probably Vicente Fox would say, not even blacks want to clean Vomitoriums.  And he'd be right but then the blacks would be all, wtf!!??  And then everyone would say, shame on you, Vicente for bringing race into this.

But anyway, probably the Vomitoriums.  Or the meat packing plants.

Or maybe that's in Greece.