Tuesday, September 05, 2006

to tarry on a theme, too tarry on a theme

I bet on the Bizzaro World they call it a hatopsy instead of an autopsy.  That or a loltopsy.  But not like el oh el, more like lawl.  Lawltopsy.  And I bet they don't wear gloves and I'll bet they eat the liver and giblets.

I have a bit of disturbing news.  I am really Mel Gibson.  It's not really that I don't like Jews it's that they are really behind all the wars.  There's biblical facts based on that and Jesus never did like the Jews, he never did.

Anyway, it was sad that I got caught drunk.  That was real sad but that's not the disturbing news.

The disturbing news was that the Mossad got that crocadiller feller.  He was about to wrastle a Jew gator and they put the stingray device in his heart.  And his last words were not crikey like you'll read on the net.

Check my facts.

I dare ya.

Look here:  http://mossad.blogspot.com/

You'll have to hack their mainframe like I did in The Road Warrior.

Plus it's Tuesday, not Monday like your brain keeps telling you.

And you're not really hung over like you should be.  Like your brain keeps telling you.  Like you wanna be.