Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do you want an angst omlete? Well too bad, I'm eating it.

I like to think of poop logs as escape pods ejecting from a sinking ship.

Then I like to take a stick and break them up and sink them if they don't go right down to the bottom.

Then I giggle a little.

Then I type up false press reports about how an escape raft sank at see and all people aboard are presumed dead.

Then when I poop again I imagine that this is the rescue ship(s).

But bad news, it sinks too.

I also wish I had the power to make the following continents disappear:  China, the little countries around China except Japan and South Korea which are good guys, now, and also Africa except Madagascar and including the Middle East with a possible inclusion for India depending on my mood.

I also think I should be given one of those fat jewel pinky rings that all the fat business men wear.

With a great gold band and a blue bauble where the diamonds should go.