Thursday, September 14, 2006

If you don't have a hangover tomorrow then you've failed me

I sometimes wonder who the people that lay in bed all day and eat food and weigh 2000 pounds marry.

I gotta tell you, the let Ho lay in bed all day faction around my house is very weak.  Not to mention the bring Ho food till you need a chainsaw to get him out of the bedroom faction.  That faction is like a middle school pep rally at an anal warts convention.  Sure it exists.  But it's very rare.

Sometimes the let Ho lay in bed past three snooze faction isn't very good, neither.

One of the really good factions is have you made the fucking coffee yet, faction.

I tried to start a faction that was fuck you, why don't you make the coffee this morning, but it went nowhere.

And I do mean nowhere.

And why are marry and merry homonyms?