Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Je t'ai pwndu, hee hee hee!

A lot of people don't understand why the French don't use the term pwnt as often as they should.

I understand.  It's not been conjugated into French and they can't see the link.

Please phone Jacques Chirac and tell him this conjugated form.

le pwnt:

je pwnde
tu pwndes
il/elle pwnde
nous pwndons
vous pwndez
ils/elles pwndent

Comment etiez-vous pwndu?

Avec la force sauvage!  Ho-ho-ho (lol)!!! (rofl)!!

Tell him it's like the simple verb perdre ... which means to lose like they lost that one world war so easily and like the loss of dignity to be sucking nazi cock so quickly after losing a war and using the magic word vichy to explain it.  

I mean don't use those words--I'm not good with French grammar--use the kind words that will get him to listen to us.  To you.

Also tell that bullshit French nation of clowns in Canada.

Also tell the Haitians.  You'll have to fly down there, though.  They don't have the innernet like we do.

Or bathrooms.