Friday, September 29, 2006

Best Idea? Vagina shurikens. See?

I think one good idea is a sex doll made of snackcake materials.  My grand vision is to take some kind of twikie material and fashion a big, sticky girl.  Probably it'll cost 7 dollars.

So anyway, the fun thing about this kind of sex doll is that when you're done doing your business (at the end of the night, or however you like to think of things in the privacy of your own house)... whenever you're actually done, you can then eat the doll.

Isn't that wonderful?

The only thing?  Beware the cream filling.  Sure you can eat some of it but you really have to beware around the crotchy region that you're getting the good stuff.

Knowing me I'd just eat and eat and then I'd be all...shit!  I ate my own spilled seed!  I'm surely going to hell, now!  lol.

But then I think, if you spill your seed and then quickly eat it, isn't that the same as not ever spilling it?

So in a way you can look at my invention as 3 things:

1)  Fun.

2)  Nutritious.

3)  Save your soul.

(This invention is not for girls.  Spongy snack cakes don't fit in vaginas (well, they do but they don't ever leave (a situation I'd like to find)).)