Monday, October 02, 2006

It's a heavy responsobility, the spelling

A bad power would be lazer beams shooting out from your eyes every time you sneezed.

I mean, laser beams are pretty nice but the eyes being closed represents a problem.  Plus it's hard to sneeze on command.  Plus how can you hit things when your eyes are closed.  I wish I never even thought of such a bad power.  I blame you.

Plus?  I'm dying.

I have this thing on my leg that is fountaning giant gobs of pus.  The pus eaters have moved in and they have their spoons and such and they're getting fat from the pus of my wounds.  They say it's chocolate flavored and a bit effervescent but I remain dubious.  Ok, I did taste it and it was nasty!  

Anyway, if I'm not here tomorrow, probly I'm dead or called in sick.  And that's fine.  But I'll really miss the times we have shared.  Especially when it was focused on me and I was talking.