Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2nd best average idea

Good news, everyone.  Pus problem was a false alarm.  The truth be told is God created a pus farm on the back of my leg for the sole purpose of creating puscicles!

They're on sale at the innernet bake sale for the low, low price fiddy cent (a rare bargain if you asked me) and the proceeds to go support the pus eaters that also live on the pus farm.  For, you see, the pus eaters were forced into labor as there are no free rides on a farm.  One of the lil' buggers wanted to be named George Bush.  Who am I to stop that sort of adoration and political interest in lower creatures?

The job of the pus eaters is to wait around until there's enough pus, then to carefully fling the pus into pus buckets, then to mold and for the pus substance into the correct cicle format.

So, to recap.  

1.)  Me dying was an ugly innernet rumor.

2.)  Puscicles on sale in the lobby!