Thursday, October 05, 2006

don't ever sneak up behind me again

I feel so bad for girls, how do they pee with their panties not having the proper fly?  I mean I saw a pair once and it clearly had no slit in it.  You know the pair, the one your mom has.  ZING!  Oh, that was a rich mommer.

Just the other day I apparently put my undies on backwards and I was at the urinal trying to open the stable doors and let loose the kraken and I'll tell you I couldn't find the latch.  I was in quite a panic to be seen by my fellas and then they surely think, that boy is either a:  playing patty cakes with his principal partner or b: has such a small weiner that he can't even find it in the fly flap.

Let me tell you it was neither.  My undies were in a state of full reverse and the technical portions could not be found on account of they were strapped to the bomb doors.

So I'll tell you what I had to do was to drop the trousers and the undies to the knees like in ancient times and just let it drain.

If you find yourself in such a situation I'm sorry for you but know that you won't be the first.