Tuesday, October 31, 2006

come to my house dressed as a ninja at your own risk, bitches

I'll bet that when AM and PM and FM and AM all show up at the same party it's very confusing for them.

I can imagine someone saying, "So AM, how's that new job coming along?"

Then predictably AM says, "Oh, you mean daylight savings?  Except for Arizona it's been wildly wonderful.  Daylight savings time is very complicated--a lot of changes to consider, of course all of the computers have to be reset at Midnight and all of the small details that are so easy to forget.  Lots of people miss planes, etc.  In fact..."

Then the guy would say, "Not you, Anti-Meridian, I was asking AM radio."

Then Anti-Meridian would say, "Oh.  Yes, I'm sorry, I see now."  Then she would promptly sit down and look at PM for support and PM would hold her hand and such and stare great rays of understanding and beams of encouraging force.

When AM got home she'd be all, "That fucking anachronistic AM radio thinks she's so cool.  Who cares about AM radio, anyway?  The only one who cares is that crazy white midwesterner who does spare jobs for his mom for pocket change.  The same sad white fella who tunes in to see what Dr. Laura hates.  Her days are near done but Anti-Meridian will go on forever!"

PM will nod gravely.  "When you're right, you're right," he'll say.

Then I guess AM would probably take some pain killers and lay in bed and really try to relax for once.  That's what I'd do, anyway.