Friday, November 10, 2006

It's unseasonably warm in Omaha, Al Gore

Go to him, Kate Moss.  Marry that sad, sick Pete Doherty.  You can fix him.  Take him in and give him small dollops of chicken broth and pat his sweaty head as he comes off the smack and the crack and the weed and the pills and the booze and the mescaline and the hoo haa.  Be the woman he needs you to be.  For him.  For us.

Also, Nancy Pelosi running the house for the Democraps?  Did the Democratic spells to summon Idi Amin (a well-known Democrat) from the dead fail and then they went with Plan B: Pelosi?  

I mean, I dig the chicks as much as the next guy but this chick has a certain reputation for pure, liberal evil.  Couldn't the demos have gotten a more dino type girlie to be the leader until we sweep the sin out of THE HOUSE in the next time around?  I'd have felt a lot better about that plan. 

But I wasn't asked, was I.