Monday, November 20, 2006

I meant Sherryl Crow. Sorry.

If I was a genius I'd probly shoot for that Nobel Peace prize.  Just like Arafat won.  If I said that before forgive me, I probly have brain tumors or something bad that compromises the repetition genes.

I wonder if there's a quota on how many babies you gotta blow up to get one of those prizes.  Probly at least forty over a thirty year time frame.

Ted Kaczynski never did blow up a baby that I know of.  Plus, he mailed all his own shit.  Probly you need to get people to mail for you, or to walk into places for you to show their sacrifice to your peace medal.  I'll need some of those, too.  Maybe the Mormons could help out there.  Maybe import some Muslims.  I'm not good with details.

I think that's the secret.  Blowd up babies.  And Jews.

Plus the beard, ya know?  That's probly a factor.  Beards, babies and Jews.  And bombs.  The three Bs and a J--not quite the BJ formation that is preferred but this one pushes in a different angle (not of the dangle).  Then I collect my million dollars and the fancy peace prize that I'll show to all the sycophants who want a piece of the million dollar peace pie and I'll be livin high in Las Vegas or one of the finer cities of the nation like Atlanta or something.

Just not Omaha anymore cause I'll have outgrowed this podunk town.