Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Big hooks under your clavicle would hurt

The wonderful thing is that the guy who played Kramer has officially declared his intention to be a Republican!  Welcome brother, we were worried about you groveling in the lap of the whore liberal media but I always had my suspicions you was one of us.

A gramel-toe is of course a camel toe plaguing an old woman.  They are more rare to see in the wild as the camel toe does not normally manifest itself in sweat pants or poly-blend slacks.  But they're still dangerous.  Don't just laugh and try and pet one.  They still bite and spit.

Guess who has a crush on me at my work?  Yep, everyone.  You're very smart, today.

Finally, the innernet, since I'm leaving for the week to go train Africa on how to be better at things, I'll leave you with a tidbit of truth.

If you lived in a vagina-shaped tree-hut you really could only have visitors once a week, for the faux-curly doorway would only once a week tilt back 45 degrees to reveal the labial columned doorway.

The couple would arrive to dinner and the man would look at the revealed clitoral knocker and would say, "Yeesh, I'm not touching that thing--it frightens me."

The woman would be thinking, "Touch it.  Touch it.  Go ahead and touch it."

But she would say, instead, "Yes, don't touch it.  It looks dangerous.  I'll bet it carries germs."

And I'll bet she's right.