Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I want you to know that I was invited to attend that Jewish seminar going on over in Iran today but I had to admit that I wasn't an expert in the holocaust or Jewish history at all except when it comes to the great Jewish army with whom I'm in daily contact.

President Hamajeenajaaad sent me a personal letter of invitation and I was so sad to RSVP with a firm but polite "no" but, in truth (and please don't tell him this or I won't be your friend anymore), I had another commitment.

You see, there was the president of a certain major university in Georgia (and co-sponsored by the states of Alabama and 99% of Florida) who was having his own little conference that covered a variety of subjects that are new to me, the one that got the majority of attendance is obviously, Slavery in American History (another big fat lie of the liberal left (who just want to make you hate everything because they're pure evil))... and the other interesting topic to me: Canada (Doesn't really exist, you fall off the edge if you try to go there and then the savages eat your body).

The one topic I sadly missed, though was the one about how when the pioneers got to America the Indians were already happily ensconced on lush reservations and no matter how hard we tried to get them to do fun stuff with us, they wouldn't.

So you can see how it was that I had no time to go to Iran, today, even though they wanted me so bad that they couldn't hardly stand it. So they got David Duke instead--a man well versed in history.

So, anyway ladies, History is dumb it's only looks that really count in the end.