Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Put it right there on my tongue

If we, you and me, were racing on two different horses, mine a rhone, yours a palamino or arabian I would let you win because of how much you want to win all the time.

After we'd get off and sit around the stables and breathe in the musty horse air and make awkward conversation about how fast you were and I promise I won't tell you I let you win even though I'm the better equestrian and have nicer boots and a whip.

Then we'll go to dinner and I'll pull out all the stops and get us both a beer from on tap instead of Coors light which is what I usually do.

We'll have a nice meal of meatloaf sandwiches and you'll make a joke about how you hope there isn't horse in the loaf and we'll giggle at the thought.

Later I'll steal your things and leave you alone at the resort for making me lose like your bitch.

You know I hate losing.