Thursday, January 18, 2007

qotsa and arrested development

I hope I get lung cancer so that I can use up all these loufas I have laying around my house, it's crazy I have so many.

I don't even know how I got them all, it's almost like that episode in star trek w/ the tribbles but this is loufas and they don't do anything but clog my cupboards.

Anyway, can't you just picture me with the lung cancer doing great big coughs and having a loufa cupped in my hand (but hidden like a magician) and then after the cough I would hand it to my friends or the nurse and say, "Here's some tumors. Freeze them for future research, maybe you can save someone from the hell I'm going through." But it's really a loufa!

Joke on them.

Score one afterlife point.

And maybe I'll dip the loufa in fecal blood or plum sauce, first.

I have a lot of plum sauce laying around that I have to get used up before Tet.

How does all this stuff build up so fast?