Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I lied, yesterday and it's my plan to do so, today

I was on the best conference call, today, probably the best that's ever been. There was an actual fight between the D&D geek and the Texican with his dick hanging out of his Wranglers (and he was bow legged and danced back and forth like the lollypop guild).

The Texican wanted his way so damn bad and the D&D geek was holding his ground so good.

The Texican was thrusting and justing his way into the D&D geek's points and priorities and he kept pointing down to his penis and saying, "What about this fine point, can you address this particular fine point that I'm showing you, right now?"

The geek held his ground so good (he had such a wonderful calm condesention). He was always parrying with quips and logic like, "I cannot address that particular issue (because I'm a Sea Elf) but I can refer you to some specific documentations and charts that I have filed in my database and if you know SQL query language you can drill down to all of the salients."

I sure didn't know which way to fly. At first I wanted to hang MY wang out and show that I supported Texico but then I almost made a saving throw against detailed documenation and SQL.

In the end I ate my yougurt with a fork because SOMEBODY DIDN'T PACK ME A SPOON.

Then the fighting stopped and I lost focus.

And dreamed of roll playing games and boobs.

In that order.