Monday, January 15, 2007

I don't have the strength to piss your fire out

The most compelling reason to think that Canada is a pack of race hating sluggards is that they do NOT celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

Let me repeat that so it sinks in.

Canada does NOT celebrate Martin Luther King day. Instead they celebrate Boxing Day which I would explain to you but you wouldn't understand because it doesn't make any sense unless you're a racist, which you're not.

I chose not to celebrate it, as well but I have two very good reasons.

Reason one:

My work made me work. It's that simple. They pay me for a solid 8, I lay down a solid 8. Every day. Sometimes 9. Sometimes 7 when I have to go to the dentist but that's very rare because I have superior hygiene.

Reason two:

Omaha has no race problem.

We're all white here.

No races, no friction.

Except those fucking Catholics.