Friday, January 19, 2007

So I guess Art Buchwald died, whoever he was.

Jesus Christ ... enough with Pat Tillman. The douchebag quit the NFL to join the marines and he got shot. Sometimes when you join the marines and go to war you get shot--an odd fucking correlation, right there. People shooting at you...sometimes you get shot. Enough already about how he's dead. We know. I know for sure.

Plus he was apparently a world class douchebag. Everyone's all, he got shot cause he was a prick. Let this be a lesson to young aspiring douchebags: Don't join the marines or your friends will cap you "on mistake." Then we'll have to hear about it forever if you're famous enough. Join Celebrity Fit Club, instead. Far less dangerous.

And enough about Princess Di.

She got in the car with an Arab and it blew up--it happens all the time, that scenario.

Just because she was a princess we have to hear about it every day. I am over it. Sure, I cried like a girl when I heard about it. But I'm now 100% over it.

Can't we move on?