Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can you believe how busy it gets?

A lot of people think that Pit Bulls are dangerous and should be outlawed and in a way, you're right.

But let me ask you this question, "Who's going to have a Pit Bull when they're illegal?"

That's right.

The criminals will and we honest citizens will be left frequently under attack from Pit Bull attacks.

I'll imagine you didn't consider that, mr. yellow dog liberal.

Picture this picture with me, if you will. You're in church praying for peace and the death to greater (and lesser) Arabia when all of a sudden a criminal busts out with a Pit Bull attack.

Witness through my eyes the congregation down to the smallest baby opening fire on that sick, son of a bitch and letting fly a thousand rounds of Pit Bulls.

Picture it.

It's a glorious sight.

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