Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have allergies so bad

I have been at the vertex of an equilateral triangle, so-called equiangular regular polygon with the point facing in no particular direction unlike where your mind has wandered, no doubt. I did not say it was downward facing, I did not say it because I have not been there and I don't generally lie and admit it.

I have been trapped there in a way with the fractions.

Not the bastard fractions of a general sort but the common numbers and percentages, trapped in thirds.

The 3 thirds when split into three and meld voltron-like, back into one, I've been with that one missing percent, that's where I've been. The one that traces back so far into the vertex and I can just reach him, or rather just cannot reach him.

But Easter was nice.

We all ate fat gobs of ham and talked about how good it is that Jesus got jacked so that we could have ham. Lots of it.

One of our party complained that it was a shame that the jacking took place so long ago and I secretly agreed with him but that didn't stop me from spitty my gob of garlic infused potatoes in his smoggy face.

It was a shame to waste the infusion but the point had to be made and quickly.

Here's a poem.

Roses are red
violets are pink
your skin is pretty
and i have rosatia

I'm not very happy with how that turned out, let me try another:

Pome to the man at the pharmacy

I'm sorry for staring
at your kaposi's sarcoma
which i later found out
was rosatia
(from overhearing your
but told everyone
(in my party)
it was
i feel real bad about that
but you sure have a bad
case of it
that you surely
won't blame me.

Well, now I get to work more, tonight.

Computers won't run themselves.

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