Sunday, March 18, 2007

HTML is for losers

Know what you should never shoot into greater veins of the pp (thinking that one on the top that bulges so) (but not like a varicose) (I promise)?



Makes your penis fall off after a painful 3-day ride with destiny and you're in the back seat, nauseous, and the window won't roll down.

Then you get your name in the paper but in a bad way. Which is the normal way with the paper.

I read all about it in the literature.

Know what you should shoot all up in there?

The Metachlorines. Lots of them.

Gives you the force something awful.

Plus? Makes your "potential" taste like money and power which is deliciously irresistible.

Even to monkeys and dogs who can be downright irascible when you're trying to show a point.

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