Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shackleton was murdered

It's easy to imagine to little anime people sitting on a wall facing the waste.

Beyond the wall is some barren waste but with mountains (not just sandy desert), not like Jew hating Dune.

Tall mountains but barren and empty like Utah, but not with all the Mormons (unless they're anime Mormons carrying anime books in anime backpacks and that's funny but in a different way--but not on the wall. In the suburbs meeting anime housewives and drinking anime Red Punch...somewhere in Kansas...where God lives..).

And you can picture a strong wind blowing, can't you. Blowing against the wall.

And the hair on the anime guys is spikey as it always is. Even in the strong wind.

And the easiest thing to picture is that they're in a spit war and spitting into the wind at an angle so that the other is struck in the face or torso or eatsy fingers with loogz.

What's harder to picture is an army of these little guys on this wall and the carnage of spit mayhem.

That's harder for me to imagine, anyway.

Not the two, that's easy.

But an army of little China blue-eyed spitters.

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