Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pate is gross

I'll bet this is what broke up Paul McCartney and that one cripple girl who had her leg shot off by the communists.

I'll bet they were fighting and Paul said, "You're half the woman Linda was."

And that was it, know what I mean?

The cripple girl lost it and was all, how can you say such a thing? And she moves her hand up and down to stress those words, too. Slowly. Like this: *wave hand slowly and say, "how can such a thing be said?"*


And you know how Paul is, he's harmless. He realizes his mistake and he owns up to it. He says (hoping to clarify the issue), "No, it's a metaphor. A metaphor."

But it's clearly too late.

Damage has been done.

The goose is out of the paddock, as they say.

The one legged man in an ass kicking contest has surprisingly won a fair amount of cash, pre-nup be damned.

And you know how girls with one leg can be. You look down your nose at them or you glare at their stub a bit too long and they go ballistic.

You should have called me first, Paul.

I know all the tricks with the stubby gals.

(They don't get metaphors)

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