Monday, May 21, 2007

You should steal the innernet

If you and me had a semen tasting contest, I'd surely win.

I would use a beer bong with the largest funnel and I'd pour it all in such that the turgid flow smoothed right down my throat and into my stomach without a taste (except the accursed telltale burps which warn the world of the dubious doings).

You'd gulp in down in turns, tasting every morsel, because you never could relax your throat sphincter like your sister tried to teach you.

In a way that's a personal failing of yours.

But you know that's not what I meant by tasting.

You know I know that my semen tastes better than yours and that it would be a taste test with your wife who will vouch for the higher flavor and viscosity of mine.

Though, I suppose in a way, you may win from the taste of novelty. That novelty vote sure can swing powerful emotions.

I kind of hope you win.

Because I have a big heart.

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