Thursday, June 07, 2007

I've got a million megabytes of megamemory in store

I golfed with a ladies set of golf clubs and now i have a yeast infection.  I've been drinking cranapple juice but it still itches real bad.

I'll bet mean people get so pissed off when they see those Mean People Suck bumper stickers.  Plus it's dangerous, right?  I mean if it's a mean person they could shoot you, or worse, so I just don't even put them on my car.  The bumper stickers.  It's not like Jews suck cause what would they do?  LOL.  Sing you a Koran verse?  I doubt it.

I also may get one what says, Muslim Men Between the ages of 17 and 37 Suck.  What are they going to do, quickly run up and suicide bomb you?  LOL.  I don't think so.

So anyway, I hope that when I go to jail that people start to respect me more of a Paris Hilton figure than that of her trash sister Nicky Hilton (I hate her so bad) like they currently do.  I try to have my guiding principles follow hers and I got a new dog that's small like what she has but it's not a purebred, lol.

But I could be going to jail soon from this and that and parole issues that I was framed on and I guess a hunger strike is the way out of that mess.  But I really could use a little extra fanfaire like what she has got.  So I'm doing her kind of things, now like taping the sex should that opportunity ever happen and I'm praying it will, some day.

Here's a picture I would have made had I thought of it (I didn't think of it except after I saw it then I had quite a thought):