Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is a gmailer

I often wonder if you had sex with a zombie, would you also get the zombie sickness and would she get a baby.  

I guess you'd have to use a condom to be for certain that nothing bad was going to happen which is kind of sad when you're out hitting zombie strange.

Kinda sucks the adventure out of the whole adventure.

I suppose a good plan B would be to use an extra amount of lube--like four times more than normal and also to quickly pee when done.  To flush the system.

That might work.

And guess what else?

The hiv.

What if you have it?  Can you pass it on to a zombie?  Do they then get the hiv and die in four years from the aids?

That would be kind of sad, I guess.

For the zombie.

Even though she was a slutty one.

Does being a zombie protect you from the STDs--as if you was a walking condom of death?

If so, that's a definite check in the win column on being a zombie.