Monday, August 13, 2007

Please don't move to Carolina or consider taking me with you except for the sweat and death of the south

I've always been good with light, knowing just where to push it and how to make it point and barb and stab into eyes (not like lasers but like something less pointy) or just to let it be if that's what was required (and often it is the safest thing to let rest).  To let it be.

I more prefer the dusk which I'm not good at but seems to suit me.

I translated all of our love notes into Elgamal (your favorite encryption algorithm).

I hope you can crack the code because I wrote some very provocative things about your tattoos and how you should redo them so I like them better.  But you'll figure it out.

Remember my plan about beauty pageants for the beautiful people in every time zone?  Well, I think it's catching on.  Mitt Romney's campaign may support it and then when he's the next president we'll finally have our dream.  Well, my dream, you dream is harder to get.

He didn't go for it until I mentioned that it'd be great if you could travel to other time zones and destroy and eat the other beauticians and take their powers of time travel.  That caught his eye.  I guess he may even run for that sweet office after president but I may own everything by then.

If it goes into action I'll have to move to Greenland so I can win that time zone straight off.  I hope you'll come with me because you know I have being alone in the pale deserts.

Write back soon and please use Elgamal because that's the one I know.