Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best spellar evar

Do you remember the Crimean war?

I don't either.

I wonder what Crimean means, it really is an ugly, stupid word.  I used to think it was a river or a town, which is what the wars and battles are often named after.

Like Gettysburg.

Which is named after...well, I'm not sure what Gettysburg is named after.

Another nonsense word.  Probably Gettysburg is named after some indian like Wisconsin probably is, too.

I guess I don't know what Wisconsin means either, but at least there isn't a war or battle named after them.  Nice job, Wisconsin.

I guess my point, if I've ever had one, is that you shouldn't name a battle or especially a war after a nonsense word like Crimean.

You should name them after worlds, like world war one and two.  Those were good wars that make sense and that's probably why we won them.  No one was asking, what the fuck's a Crimea?

Probably Crimean is a town in the middle east where all the battles are and there's still a war there.

But really, who cares what it is?