Friday, September 07, 2007

Bears should not hide in trees as it's not safe in there

In a lot of ways left handed golfers have a definite advantage over right handed golfers because they have the power of Satan coursing through their veins.

The demonic power doesn't manifest itself so much on the driving of the ball because that's where Jesus lives...up in the air and sometimes he looks at you from clouds and the angels can guide a ball for right handers but typically they don't.

It's in the short game that the devil can really help out a left handed golfer, particularly in the putting because the devil lives in the center of the earth.

Sometimes the devil (it has been said) will run his finger along the crust of the earth and actually guide a left handed player's ball into the cup because left handers are of him and by him and the devil digs golf, besides.

And that's why Tiger Woods is so good at golf.