Thursday, September 06, 2007

Zombie sharks will roam the parks and every day may bite you

Summer is dead, the pools are closed and the flowers smell desperate.

The flowers are dropping petals one by one and it's a reluctant odor but the scent is sweaty desperate.

Especially the annuals who are like the ones who don't know the love of Jesus and burn in hell after a short season (Jews, very small babies, everyone in Africa, etc.)

It's the smell of the breath of an 80 year old man but not quite that bad because old people stink.

Some of them do, anyway.

Stink of death, maybe, I'm not sure because I'm still young and smell like flowers in mid Summer.

But I've decided to start parking in all of the handicapped stalls because those cripples have had it too good for too long.

j/k cripples.  I'm not going to take all your parking places but I can sure tell you that I'm jealous of how close to Wal-Mart you can get while I park way back with the Mexicans.

For Summer being dead it sure is hot in here.