Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I want to live in an esurance commercial and make it with that pink eyed girl

I wish I had a fancy way to start my car something so sneaky like in the movies you push a button or some fancy and then the ignition and then it starts.

That's what keeps the car jackers away.

But I don't so if you want to get my car it's a matter of killing me and getting my keys or just hotwires and it's yours.

But it's an old car and be careful when you rev the engine because it sounds like a belt is loose so you'll want to get that looked at.

Plus I hate the words loose and lose.  I always get that wrong and then people judge me.  Based on a silly o.

What else is that why are there congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball?  Who gives a fuck, ya know?  Go tax something or start a war or do something like find out if Barak obama is a Muslim like I heard at a web site.  Something good.  I don't care if this guy shot roids.  They all shoot roids.  Don't even need to do nothing but run around in a fucking circle and they shoot roids for that.  I could play baseball without shooting roids and I have a metal leg.

So anyway.

It's been a long time and there's a reason.

I've been counting all the Mormons in hell and there sure are a lot of them!  (All of them).

It took me a very long time because Jesus wanted an official count and I just finished today.  They baptize for the dead and that drags people from heaven actually into hell.  It's sad but Jesus insists.

Jesus loves for me to read him their book of Mormon.  He giggles all the time through every page giggling as I go.  He always says, "Read to me the part where I get resurrected again and come to South America."

"Not resurrected, Jesus, beamed," I always correct.

"Resurrected, beamed, what's the difference."

That's the bad thing with Jesus, good at magic but very bad at science.

Happy Valentine's day, Jew.