Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You probly have Schigella. I can see it in your face.

Well hello there.

Sorry I been away so long but I had some big things to work on over
the past time that I was gone. I wasn't technically gone but I wasn't
technically here, neither.

One of the things I done is that I investigated patterns in PI so that
we can talk to aliens and Jesus like in that movie with Jodi Foster.

Well, one of them is 3.1 and it's significant because if you mod 10 it
(or a close mod 10 approximation) you'll find that to be approximately
my age when I started having kids so that's kind of a sign from Jesus
and aliens about the renewal of life.

The other number I found was .14 and that's important because if you
mod 20 it (or thereabouts) you'll find that to be about the age I
really started the furious masturbation which is another sign that
Jesus loves us. And the aliens do too.

I'm going to run some other studies, too. See if I don't.

One of them will be to study the patterns in PI using the binaries but
I'm not sure if you can do decimals in binary so I may have to invent
a new form of binary math that implements the decimal.

Or I may not. Might just watch football and drink vodka.

More likely I'll do the football/vodka plan.

Or it might be gin.