Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I promise I did not steal your things while you were gone last weekend

I'm thinking about writing another book and I have a title, already and it will be called, Donde Esta Waldo (except with real Mexican accents on Esta (I looked it up on the wiki on how to spell Esta)).

It will be an instruction manual and it will be for the INS and the freedom fighters of California and Arizona who protect our borders on their own time and in their own lawn chairs...it will be a book showing Waldo sneak across into the borders and ruin our legal system and threaten our way of life by taking those sweet meat packing jobs.

In the first pic, he'll actually have a meat packing uniform on and you'll see his greedy face as he tiptoes across the border and in one of his hand he's bringing drugs and the other hand is pushed slyly down the front of his trousers. 

Or something, I haven't figured out the second hand but in the first hand, definitely drugs.

The second picture is Waldo sneaking into a hospital trying to get free medical service and in the third he's crossing back over the border and he's carrying a sack full of money in a wheelbarrow and there's a crowd of rich Mexicans on the other side and they're laughing and pointing at America.

I was gonna have the title Waldo Esta Stealing your land but I didn't know most of the words for that.

Also, I was in Chicago and I seen Oprah.  I think it was Oprah cause it was a limo and I guess it could be Steadman and I waved of course.  I guess it could have been Gail and that ain't such a big thing, but I bet she don't take limos.

I bet she has a sedan.  A tan sedan or a Lexus S-15i.

Also, there are lots of non whites in Chicago (blacks and browns and asians) and you can't just cross the road to avoid them (like we do in Omaha), but you have to stare straight ahead and not make eye contact for that's how they get you.

Eye contact.