Friday, May 16, 2008

Remember when I was sober? Neither do I.

Did you hear that the gays can marry again?

God damn liberal California.

I'm furious.

Look at how red my face is.

It's red with swollen fury.  It's like an engorged cock what's just about to spray semen somewhere (anywhere) but instead of semen my mouth is about to spray spit asking, "What the fuck is this gay situation in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, you fucking liberal-in-the -great-coat-of-republican armor?"

Who elected those judges, anyway?

Be sure that I didn't vote for the bastards.  I am red with the red blood of republican right.  That's how red my blood is.  Red, the color of truth.  Truth is red and backed by violence and that's how furious I am.  The fury of the question, now the gays can marry again?

That's how furious and I might die from apoplexy which is not how I was planning on going out?

Where is George Bush?

Where is the militia?

Where is those guys what patrol the border and kill the Mexicans and keep them from getting our jobs?  The patriots.  The heroes? 

Why cannot they all set up a march and set up a giant wall to wall in the gays in the Frisco.  And while they're at it, why not wall in all of the Frisco and trap all the gay lovers and blue left wingers.  Blue blood from what lacks the red hemoglobes of righteous truth.  That's how blue they are.

We're laughing at your pale blue, libs.

So then someone just sent me an instant message and I was all, did you hear about the gays and they was all, yes, and the dykes (he spelled it dike but I'm pretty sure he meant the dykes).  I was not told that both can be married but now I'm filled with almost two x the fury but I'm not so furious about the dykes.  Not so much as two times but more like 48%.

It's the men what really rub it in our faces.  Rub their gays in our noses.  Oh, it makes my nose itch to sneeze out their gay fumes, I'll tell you.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question.

If you seen a dog in the street trying to give it to a coke can, would you kick them apart?

You're damn right you'd kick them apart.  It ain't natural for a dog to lie with a coke can.  It'd cut his corkscrew dong, then the vet bills?  Jesus.

Let's ask another to really drive the point home.

What if you was at the zoo and a condor swooped down and started really going on a gorilla such as you couldn't get in the cage to kick them apart.  Then let's say the condor busts out a cig and blows the smoke right in your face and says, "Me and me mate is gonna wed and there's not a thing you can do about it because we are in California."

Is that natural?

Is it natural for a condor and a gorilla?

Or for a condor to smoke?

It leads to sin, you see.

It all leads to sin.

Dear the gays,

Please stop blowing smoke in our faces.


Ho and everyone who digs a bit of cock suckie but boy on girl unless it's experimental and only temporary.

But I did see The Police and they was good, but everyone except me looked like a walking corpses.  Police fans, your days are numbered.