Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All of everything cannot but should be safely ignored

The Hardy Boys were misunderstood geniuses.  Both of them.

Can you please explain to me how a group of time traveling aliens with hyper magnetic skeletal systems, long distance telepathy and their very own interdimensional flying saucer could let a fucking Mexican pry off one of their heads and run to Peru?

Spoiler alert.

The new Indiana Jones movie?  Instead of seeing it you should go around and suck derelict cock in the park.  You'll have a better time and you'll leave with a better taste in your mouth.

Know what else?

I go to CNN the other day and there's this article about how some robot space ship is sending pictures back from space or Mars and I'm a nerd so I eagerly click the link and I run for my light saber collection just in case I have to fight evil and what do I see?

Black and white pictures of Mars.

It could be my grandparent's vacation pictures from Bryce Canyon.

We can send a fucking space probe to Mars and we can't send a fucking color camera?  Who is the rocket scientist who schemed that deal? 

Color camera?  Mars?  It's all red, who needs a color camera!  LOL!

The Hardy Boys were misunderstood geniuses.  The negro one.  Dark and impervious to time and light.