Thursday, May 26, 2005

Killer Kraft

Well, bad news. Yep. I was reading one of my daily reads... The American Family Association online edition on the world wide web when it came to my attention that the homos are ruining everything.

If you're like me, you're sick and tired of all the homos ruining everything. Well, sit back and get ready for this: they're at it again. And this time? They mean business...monkey business.

Now, before you think I'm a hater..please note that I don't consider women who have sex with other women to be homos. No. They are just a fun couple waiting for a man with a rock hard cock to join them. No, no...homos are men who dig men--in the bum.

Back to AFA online... apparently these homos have some kind of gay olympics. The worst thing? Kraft is a sponsor.

Hey, Kraft, let's pretend that we have a mac & cheese noodle; what you want me to do is take that noodle and stick it into the ass of another man? Well, this Ho will not do that, no. This ho is no ho mo.

The thing about homos is that they can be very sneaky..they are friendly and take good care of their yards and they will invite you to come over and have a beer, but they just want to turn you gay.

I kind of blame the women. If women would agree to anal sex more often the homo problem would disappear.

The thing that really bothers me? The assault to the American family that the homos bring. My neighbor... well, he may be trying to break up my family this weekend by seducing me to the homo side.

They just want to ruin everything for us heteros and the family.

My old scout leader was a homo. He was all, this is how you tie a square knot, and this is why you should all be gay like me. It was terrible.

Consider this a call to action. Call Kraft and tell them to put real cheese in Kraft singles.. I can't stand Kraft singles. Action item two...more anal sex so you're not tempted to be gay.

Have a nice weekend...oh, and if you live in the US...or some other place that has a 3 day weekend? Enjoy it.