Monday, February 06, 2006

A cravat too tight

Dear crazy Muslim fundamentalists,


I wanted to say that I applaud your fervor in calling for the deaths of these terrible cartoonists. There are a few other religions that I may or may not be a member of who would do well to follow in your footprints, mainly the Catholics!

Dear German Pope, BRING BACK THE INQUISITIONS! Where have the good times gone when we white people (and even some Mexicans in Spain (like that one Mexican Torquemada (he was one of the good Mexicans!!!))) kill all the others who bother us with impunity and also worship Satan and are witches by the merest suggestion?

But I digress.

Crazy Muslim fundamentalists, I have discovered who drew the cartoons. A trio of Dutch Americans who are actually quite famous. The first is that one guy who used to be funny on Saturday Night Live before he started talking about blah blah blah left wing fun.

The other two are actually married, one draws and one blah blah blah right wing funs.

Bill O'Reilly and his wife who writes all those books who has the anorexia and the Tourette's. I forget her name, but it's Anne Coulter.

Please don't just cut all six hands off for their transgressions. That would be lenient. Kill them. KILL THE INFIDELS! But don't kill me; never kill sweet Ho who loves you so.