Friday, February 03, 2006

Sew her legs up, make her swim

I am deeply saddened by the trouble that Ariel Sharon is undergoing from the operation to give him a tummy tuck and a face lift. He has suffered a massive stroke, I understand, and will not come out of consciousness without desperate measures. Indeed, he may even become like that retard woman in Florida who had that crazy set of parents and that husband who graciously starved her to death! I forget her name, but I saw pictures of what a sweet, happy retard she was.

My plan to restore the Sharon is three-fold.

Step one: Have the Jewesses prepare Matzah-ball soup. This soup, while made of simple materials is not only delightful but is also considered the Chicken soup for the Jewish soul!

Step two: Prophet cartoons. Thousands of them! So many cartoons that the rage of a million Muslims will pour their energy into the sick heart of Sharon and lift it from the pillars of heaven and back into his shriveled body.

Step three: Build a nine foot wall around that old man to keep out the ugly Palestinians! A giant wall manned with guns and barbed wire so that only the clean Jews can get in and change the bed-pan. Only the clean Jews, not the bad, bad men. The ones wrapped in towels who have bad intent for that dear, old man.

Then as some additional steps beyond the first three that I feel pretty sure would help out the situation ... well, one is to rename Blogs of Note to blogs of Scrote. That would help some.