Monday, March 27, 2006

Get a rhythm. When you get the blues.

I think a fancy idea for an interesting amusement park would be an ice rink with frozen baby Jew blood instead of actual ice.

I can imagine the kids skating and one saying, "OMG, LOL, red ice, neat!"

Then their friends would all laugh at them and say, "That's not just ice, it's baby Jew blood ice! LOL!!!"

Then they'd race around on the blood ice and do that one stop where you spray ice all over your friend and you can picture the friend delicately licking the Jew blood ice from their blood flecked face.

When they get home, their moms are horrified, "What happened to you?" they shriek on account of being covered in blood!

"Oh, mom, it's just the baby Jew blood ice rink that opened last week!"

I wonder what the mom would say. Probably just LOL! You change those clothes right now, young man!