Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Work is a game without the fun parts

I think a bad job is to be the foreman of a maggot factory. Perhaps even worse is a quality control manager for that maggot factory. People calling all the time about bad maggots. I bet you just get home at the end of the day and drink. I bet your wife hears all the time, "If I never see another lazy maggot in my life it'll be too soon."

I bet resting on your laurels feels real good. If I ever win anything I'm gonna go straight to the laurels.

I bet when you're a midget and you can't afford something and you have to ask for help paying... you say, "Can you help me out? I'm a little short." I bet that either goes over very well or not at all. Because some people don't get midget humor. Me? I love it.

As a final thought, I was reading the wikipedia for truf and I found this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fictional_deities which makes me angry because I don't see any of those crazy Indian ones on there. Like that elephant guy and crazy knife toofed chick and sixarmeligan. What's up with that? Please do me a favor and update the list on the pedia. It'll take awhile but I'm very busy puting out the fires that threaten to destroy your very lives.