Monday, May 01, 2006

Million Mexican March

So I guess all the Xicans are running around like madmen protesting something or other about the felonies, or something. I don't really turn the sound up when I watch the news, just watch her pretty mouth when it's her turn to speak.

The thing is, it would be such a good time for INS to capture them all.

All they would need is like 5000 paddy waggons and some stun guns. Shoot em, bag em, drive em down to Juarez or San Diego and just let em all free. Oh, and tattoo em so next time you can give them a stern warning.

But the INS never listens to me.

Secondarily I think a neat invention would be a sex memory ray gun. It would work like covertly point the ray gun at someone you want to have sex with (everyone) and you receive a memory implant of the actual event and also avoid the hiv and the hiv-related the aids.

Then if he or she caught you they'd naturally say, "Was I good?"

Then you'd say, "You know it, baby."

Then they'd want to have real sex with you, probly. I haven't quite worked it all out.