Monday, April 24, 2006

That's rill funny

I'm going to start a new foundation to teach the gays how to love properly (via the vagina) and its name will be called, Don't put it there, put it there, silly. Your donations are appreciated as it will take a lot of money to re-instruct the poor gays. Satan really pulled the wool over their poor eyes. But with money and faith and proper vaginal indoctrination I think they'll be ok.

Secondarily I'm very upset about the wish situation. When I get a wish I'm always, I wish for a million wishes, then the people shout me down, "No wishing for extra wishes." like it's some kind of fucking law.

Apparently, is a law. Wish law. It's like science but then it's also like religion which is to say magic.

So as I'm a constant thinker and schemer of improving the way things work (note the gay fixing foundation as proof) I have discovered a way to turn one wish into three.

Please note that this is my idea and if you steal it I'll expect a little bj or something.

One word: Monkey's Paw.


Three wishes.