Monday, April 10, 2006

Triangular Tempest

I'm sorry America but I have another to add to the Xican list and that's Texican. Too many gun toting nut jobs for my taste come from that God-infested triangle of a state. Plus too many Bush's--I'm not real into politics or nothing but, Jesus. Enough fucking Bush's in politics. Go do something else, Bush' the Astros or something. Let the thinking people run stuff for a bit. But I digress.

Plus it's hot there.

Plus they think the Gulf of Xico is cool and I'm here to tell is not cool. No es una buena onda, chicititas.

Secondarily, anorexicans. Fucking eat, will you? Oh, you're so sad. Oh you're so fat. No, you're just rickety and gross. Eat or get the fuck out.

I wish there were an x somewheres in morbidly obeses. They'd be the next to go. Morbidlyobesicans.

obeses obeses, they'd even eat feces.