Friday, March 31, 2006

chr(10) + chr(13) = crlf. Every time. Except in stupid Unix.

This is hitting the presses late because I over celebrated, last night.

I had a good reason.

I won the World of Warcraft game, finally. It was SO hard to win but I won it. Lots of fellows will tell you they won it, but the facts cannot be disputed cause here they are:

Fact 1: I won it.

Fact 2: If you think you did, then you're a clueless fag.

So then I got my drink on and crashed on the couch.

Here's how I did it...

This wizard was casting spells and threw one at me and I ducked under it and came up with my broadsword right to his bookish head. BAM, WIZARD! Regret not having that armor now, huh!

Then this rogue was trying to backstab me and I did a flying crane kick right to his main central artery.

Finally this dragon came and I ganked it with a metal boot jack right in the gob hole whenst the pee comes.

So now you can see that I won it.

And I got a million gold which I will spend on my virtual girlfriend,

Now I have nothing to do at nights. I will soon become a Law and Order junkie like all the women. And then I'll start having periods.