Thursday, April 06, 2006

You deserve nice things

Well, good news. I have a new word that everyone can start using. I based it on the way you can say Xtian when you're referring to Christians just like you can say Xmas instead of Christmas.

The term applies to Mexico and everything below it even until the very Mexican penguins of Antarctica. This wraps up all the pesky things that we of white America have a hard time considering...the Guatemalans, Salvadorians, Chalupadorians, etc. All look Mexican to us.

I feel that when writing the saving of two extraneous letters can really give you a boost and also reduce the carpal tunnel syndrome that all the old women complain about. Oh, my carpals. I can't type and I'm very upset about this tunnel situations.

So for you, old ladies, the two letters for Xican can now be dropped. That's the m and the e for those not paying attention.

The new word (Xican) can be used in all types of writing and dictation.

Dear Senator,

Please make all the Xicans felons and ship them to the jails. They're taking all my jobs and also using all the hospitals to have their little breeds.

Or this:

Dear Xicans,

Please stop stepping on the ivy whilst you cut the grass. It makes me rill mad.

Or if you play Lacross:

Let's hire some Xican strippers for the party!

That last part was too far and I regret typing it, but I do kinda hope it offended you. Kinda.