Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just cause you stutter don't mean you're a retard...necessarily

I'm pretty sure I'm onto an idea that will soon sweep the nation. The idea is to rename the electric chair Freedom Fry. Then when you ask the prisoner if they want the gas chamber or Freedom Fries they'll go for the fries and we can all sit around and watch while they get shocked!

They'll be all, "This aint no fries."

We'll be all, "LOL! Suck on that, criminal! How bout a jolt of Heinz fifty seven volts!"

Then after the execution of some white dude, you just know that someone is gonna say that they want the white meat. Then we will cast that person to the wilderness for lack of taste. Then we'll eat the corpse.

Secondarily, I'd kinda like to get into the electric chair franchise. If you know anyone...give me a call.