Thursday, April 13, 2006

You must be daddy's little pumpkin

What with the coming of Easter I get lots of questions about the term WWJD from all of my Jewish friends.

"Hey, Blog Ho," they say. "What do people mean by WWJD?"

You see, it's very hard for the Jew to understand this because they killed Christ, our Lord before they had a chance to really get to know him.

As bad as that seems...and it is very fucking doesn't mean that we shouldn't all take a minute and tell the people what the term actually means.

Jews, it's like this. When I come up on a leper, I heal it. When I go to a party, I make wine. Cause that's what Jesus did.

Since you don't have the New Teste I'm gonna say it this way, what would Moses do?

But without the stupid laws what he done. Like the beating to death of the children. And the frog plague? That's a real bad plague, frogs. I'm all a fuckin quiver. But the angel of death one was pretty good. The one with the Lamb's blood and Charleton Heston was praying and such? That was a good scene.

So like with Moses but no frogs and not as mean and stupid. Like a youger, pretty Moses. Not old crabby Moses who started to get shit stains in his pants from lack of control.